The Xbox Texas Hold 'em - Wanting To Know What It's All About?

Everyone at the moment is consumed by TV Poker games. They are fun and exciting and can keep one riveted to the screen for ages. For those who wish to go one stage further and actually learn how to play the game with no strings attached, perhaps it's time to take a look at the Xbox Texas Hold 'em game, sound good?

The great thing about the Xbox Texas Hold 'em game, is it offers someone wishing to evolve from watching others play the game, to learning and practicing on their own. They won't lose their shirt in the process, so now can just relax!

The controls, graphics and sounds all work well on this game. The controls are easily manageable using one hand whilst playing. The graphics are really nice and simple, with the added option of customizing, should the default setting not appeal.

The accompanying sound track is the old Booker T & The MG's classic "Green Onion", appropriately played in the background. Used by 70's radio jocks solely for that purpose, here along with some variations of the blues riffs from the song, it creates a really nice balance and feel to this Poker learning experience.

All the chip counting, dealing etc. are taken care of by the game as one would expect with a computerized card game. The stats are tallied automatically too, so one knows exactly how many hands have been lost or won, how many have been folded, how many have been won on the Flop, on the Turn and how many on the River.

A variety of gaming options allows the player to simulate a tournament or simply practice. Using the Free Play option, the player's allowed to play their hand against nine other players, and can quit whenever they want.

When playing Xbox Texas Hold 'em, one will soon realise playing the computer players won't teach much at all. They keep going All In, regardless of their hand. Stick to the tournaments for the more serious games it will definitely prove more productive!