Texas Hold'em Tournaments - Here's A Helping Hand In Starting!

Online Texas Hold'em tournaments can be great fun and are all the rage. But where does one start and is there an easy way one can get kicked off only knowing basics?

It would be crazy to tell someone who is inexperienced in Texas Hold'em tournaments they can become an expert with 7 golden nuggets. However to steadily help a player to get started and improve, that would not. With that said let's get underway.

1. Maintain A Health Bankroll

Use the 50:1 buy-in rule, meaning if a player has a bankroll of $1000, he should play in $20 tournaments, no greater. Money management is key to survive the no win periods.

2. Play Tight Early On

In the early stages of the game sit tight and wait for a strong hand. Don't waste chips on marginal hands. Keep them for later.

3. Increase aggression as blinds increase

The higher the blinds go, the more will be the need to steal them if wanting to stay alive. As the bubble approaches observe players tightening up to make it to the money, this is the time to swoop.

4. Less Value In Drawing Hands

As a tournament rolls on, in comparison to blinds, players small stacks will be on the rise. There's no point in prospecting with small pairs and like suited connectors. Be patient for the large pots.

5. To Call requires a more robust hand Vs to Go All-In

When a player calls, he can only win the pot if he has the best hand when the showdown comes. Going all in creates a psychological advantage to the player going all-in. The opponent, better hand or not, may fold, due to undetectable unbearable psychological meltdown. A valuable tip, if towards the end of the tournament!

6. Steal From The Mid-Stacks

Larger stack player have no fear smaller stack players are desperate. Attack the mid stacks all times.

7. Use Sit N Go Tournaments to improve end game skills!

Don't worry how much is made focus on what can be learnt!

Take notes and don't play to make money play to win. Winning is a habit and it's all in the mind. Enjoy the learning curve!